Oct 7, 2019
Kapsera: Winner In vivo Quest France 2019

Among the 11 finalists, Kapsera convinced the five juries unanimously.


Kapsera wins the 2019 edition of In Vivo Quest for France. This competition organized by the In Vivo group rewards the future champions of sustainable agriculture.

“Kapsera seduced the jury because this startup presents a real technological innovation, can have a strong impact tech for good (reduction of pesticides by biocontrol) and a real development potential. Bioline is interested in the solution and has initiated discussions with this company.

We are very proud of this award which recognizes the potential of our technology for tomorrow’s agriculture. See you at the award ceremony on November 14th at Station F.

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About Kapsera

Founded in 2018 by Antoine Drevelle and Jérôme Bibette, Kapsera is a French company based in Paris at the prestigious start-up incubator of ESPCI-Paris. Kapsera develops an innovative formulation technology for sustainable agriculture. Thanks to its high potential technology, Kapsera already signed 3 major collaboration agreements with industrial partners to develop biostimulant and biopesticide products based on its formulation technology.