Kapsera bridges the gap between sustainability and productivity in agriculture, using cutting-edge, biosourced and biodegradable formulation technologies.

A major challenge to develop more sustainable methods in agriculture is to replace traditional agricultural inputs (synthetic and non-sustainable fertilizers and pesticides) by natural, safe, biosourced and biodegradable bioinputs. The most promising bioinputs are microbial-based, containing microorganisms that are beneficial to plants. Unfortunately, these products currently are unstable and only weakly perform in field conditions, limiting their use to strictly greenhouse-only.

New enhancing technologies are urgently needed to sustainably and responsibly grow major crops, which are grown in fields, not greenhouses.

Kapsera offers a novel solution to the world of sustainable agriculture, through its mastery of a unique and disruptive encapsulation technology that enables production of high performance microbial-based biofertilizers and biopesticides. Our patent-protected technology is based on a microfluidics encapsulation process, producing small alginate capsules. These capsules allow protection of live microbes to enhance the performance of bioinputs.

Kapsera aims to be a key player in the formulation of bioinputs, to speed up the transition towards both productive and sustainable agriculture.