Smart capsules
for nature

Microfluidics for a better agriculture


Bridge the gap between sustainability and productivity in agriculture,

using a cutting-edge technology that yields biosourced, biodegradable microcapsules.

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To make the switch to sustainable agriculture, we need to replace conventional intrants such as chemical fertilisers and synthetic pesticides with natural solutions that are environmentally friendly and safe for consumers. The most promising solutions draw on active principles that are naturally found in the soil and in plants.

But before these products can be brought into widespread use, they need to be stabilized and gain in efficacy. Kapsera is developing innovative technologies to meet this challenge and provide products that are beneficial for farmers, crops and the environment.

Kaspera has developed a unique technology based on the latest advances in microfluidics. Its groundbreaking process can produce alginate capsules that are biodegradable and capable of protecting natural active substances and enhancing their agronomic effectiveness.


Our one-of-a-kind microfluidic encapsulation technology.

Our capsules are fully compatible with agricultural equipment and natural active principles.

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At Kapsera, we have developed a unique, patented encapsulation process that is without its equivalent on the market. Our capsules make it possible to stabilise bio-intrants and enhance their performances.

The shell is made of alginate, a biosourced, biodegradable material extracted from brown algae and ideally suited to spray biofertilisers and biopesticides.

The liquid core is optimised to protect the natural active principles. Their size (100 – 500 µm) and regular shape also make them perfectly suitable for use with farming equipment.


Kapsera protects agriculture, the soil and biodiversity.

We are developing sustainable, effective solutions tailored to meet farmers’ needs.

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Agriculture is up against a new challenge: that of feeding an evergrowing population. It is being asked to produce sufficient quantities of high-quality food, address new consumer expectations and emerging environmental issues. The agricultural model will have to be completely overhauled.

The biggest challenge in this revolution will be to produce natural solutions capable of replacing conventional intrants, chemical fertilisers and synthetic pesticides in a bid to give farmers the means to secure their income, look after their health, protect their land and feed the population.

To meet this challenge, Kapsera is developing natural, biosourced and biodegradable products that will nourish and protect crops. These intrants, based on our exclusive technology, help reconcile sustainability and productivity. In so doing, we are taking care of farmers, consumers and the planet.

Strategic Comittee & Team

Our people are pulling together to develop solutions for tomorrow’s agriculture. By pooling our expertise, we will speed the transition to sustainable, productive agriculture.

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Winegrowing: a powerful boost for bio-inputs

Winegrowing: a powerful boost for bio-inputs

Bpifrance is backing Kapsera with €1 million in funding to move forward with the industrialisation and development of microencapsulated bio-solutions for winegrowing.Three new vine protection and nutrition products will be placed on the market in 2023 in Europe and...

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Kapsera is located in Bordeaux in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the French region at the forefront of agri-food innovation and ecological transition.

16 Rue Edouard Faure
33300 Bordeaux - FRANCE

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