Feb 19, 2019
Kapsera raises €700K seed round from Demeter, the first early-stage European fund dedicated to Agtech

Paris, March 18th, 2019 – Thanks to this first investment round Kapsera will begin to scale up its process and complete its product development. Kapsera aims to enable bioinputs based on its innovative formulation technology, making them efficient, sustainable and affordable for all agriculture segments.

“Kapsera’s ambition is to allow farmers to bridge the gap between sustainability and productivity by providing them with affordable and efficient biostimulants and biopesticides, mainly used so far for greenhouse production. Kapsera’s technology is addressing a major bottleneck: lack of stability and performance of bioinputs when in field, which is mainly due to poorly adapted formulation.” explained Antoine Drevelle, CEO of Kapsera.

Kapsera is a French Agtech startup developing an exclusive microencapsulation technology. This innovation meets all requirements of next generation agriculture practices, taking into account: environmental, economic and human health issues for consumers and farmers.

“We’ve reached a first key milestone for Kapsera development, just after one year of operations. This investment from Agrinnovation fund is a major recognition of the potential of Kapsera’s technology for sustainable agriculture.”, said Antoine Drevelle.

“Now we’re teaming up with Agrinnovation fund and focus together to bring sustainable inputs based on Kapsera’s technology to every farmer and grower. This is the only way to have a massive and positive impact on agriculture and environment.” declared Antoine Drevelle.

With an extensive experience in the Agri-food sector through an existing portfolio of 15 companies in that area and a team of seasoned investment professionals, Demeter is leading the first early-stage European fund dedicated to Agtech.

“We are very proud to announce the closing of this investment. Kapsera is the first portfolio company of our AgTech fund, which will be investing in 20 companies across Europe. Targeted companies are those developping innovative technologies and services towards a more sustainable, efficient and safer agriculture and food: bio-inputs, precision agriculture, ingredients, bio-based chemistry, safety & traceability.”, said Majdi Najah, Investment Director at Demeter.

“Our first investment has to be emblematic of our fund ambition. From this perspective Kapsera is the perfect fit: an ambitious project, an experienced team and a technological breakthrough.” according to Majdi Najah.

About Kapsera :

Founded in 2018 by Antoine Drevelle and Jérôme Bibette, Kapsera is a French company based in Bordeaux in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the French region at the forefront of agri-food innovation and ecological transition. The company develops an innovative formulation technology for sustainable agriculture, human nutrition and animal nutrition. Thanks to this high potential technology, Kapsera has already signed several major collaboration agreements with industrial partners to develop natural encapsulated products.

About Demeter and Agrinnovation Fund :

Demeter is a major European player in venture capital and private equity for the energy and ecological transition. Its funds invest from €500k to €30m to support companies in the sector at all stages of their development: innovative startups, small and mid-cap companies, as well as infrastructure projects. The Demeter team counts 35 people based in Paris, Grenoble, Metz, Madrid, and Münster manages €1bn and has completed 130 investments over 12 years.