2 talented persons just joined Kapsera as the company is growing
January 14, 2019
As Kapsera is developing, the team is expanding with very skilled people.

Marie Tranier is the head of product development. She oversees Kapsera’s products and industrial partnerships.

Her PhD in ecology and her previous experience in management gives her the knowledge needed as well as the necessary skillset to analyze the economic & scientific viability of Kapsera’s projects and develop its technologies in the right direction.

Wafa Bouhlel works alongside Édouard Duliège to develop Kapsera’s technologies. Her role will be to optimize the company’s products, making them safer, more affordable and better.

She is an expert in colloids chemistry and owns a PhD on hydrogel-based encapsulation

They both add invaluable experience and expertise to the team.

Marie Tranier

Wafa Bouhlel