Our unique, patented microfluidics encapsulation technology produces capsules that are compatible with farming equipment and micro-organisms.

At Kapsera, we have mastered a unique and patent-protected microfluidics encapsulation process, producing capsules that have no equivalent on the market.

Our capsules are made of alginate: a biosourced and biodegradable polymer extracted from brown algae. This material is ideal for sustainable agriculture and already approved for agricultural use.

Our capsules contain a liquid core, and a very thin shell, which serve as perfect containers to host microorganisms. The composition of the core is optimized to protect and maintain the viability of microorganisms. The thin alginate shell is semi-porous, to allow exchange of gas and nutrients with the outside environment.

Kapsera produces small and monodisperse capsules ranging between 100 to 500 ┬Ám in diameter, making our capsules compatible with standard farming equipment.