As Kapsera founders, we share the ambition of developing sustainable solutions for the agriculture of tomorrow. We combine our expertise to speed up the transition toward sustainable productivity in agriculture.

Antoine Drevelle, PhD – CEO, Board member

Antoine has over 15 years of experience in senior roles in industrial biotechnology, at the interface of science and business. He managed large R&D teams and project portfolios specializing in the field of sustainable agriculture. He brings an expertise in biotechnology and agriculture to lead Kapsera’s team toward success.

Antoine’s vision provided the spark to create Kapsera.

Édouard Duliège, PhD – CTO

Edouard has been a key developer of Kapsera’s technology. He holds a PhD in physical chemistry from ESPCI Paris with an expertise in microfluidics and encapsulation. During his PhD, he explored the potential of the encapsulation process for applications in microbial-based biotechnologies, and is the author of 3 patents.

Édouard’s expertise is the corner stone of Kapsera’s development.

Pr. Jérôme Bibette, PhD – Board member

Jérôme is a Professor of Soft Matter Physics at ESPCI Paris. Jérôme is a world leading scientist in the areas of emulsions, colloid chemistry, complex fluids and soft condensed matter physics. His work in the field led to the award of the CNRS Silver Medal. Jérôme is also a serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of 8 start-ups.

Jérôme’s creativity is a key pillar of Kapsera.

Jean Baudry, PhD – Scientific advisor

Jean is a Research Director at CNRS. He has a broad expertise in biophysics and biotechnology. Jean is one of the key inventors of latest developments of Kapsera’s technology. He is the authors of 47 publications and 14 patents, and is also co-founder of Capsum, Biomillenia and MilliDrop Instruments.

Jean brings Kapsera an outstanding vision of biotechnology.

Cédric Cabanes – Board member

Cédric is the CEO of Agronutrition. He shares his deep knowledge of the fertilizer market with the strategic board of Kapsera. Cédric created Agronutrition in 2004 through a buyout with employees. Thanks to his vision and talents, Agronutrition became a key-player in plant nutrition, offering innovative products and services to farmers.

Cédric advices Kapsera on business development and strategy.

Nicolas Brémond, PhD – Scientific advisor

Nicolas is a Lecturer at ESPCI Paris. He is known for his work in the fields of soft matter and microfluidics, particularly at the interface with fluid mechanics, material science and biology. He is also an entrepreneur, co-founder of MilliDrop Instruments, Cyprio and iSpheres.

Nicolas shares with us his expertise in encapsulation technology.

Ivan Monème – Communication & Marketing expert

Ivan is an experienced communication & marketing expert. For the last 25 years, he designed and managed communication strategies for international companies on topics at the crossroads of social, economic and political dimensions.

Ivan is now helping Kapsera to share its vision with our partners.