Antoine Petit, Director of CNRS, visits Kapsera
July 12, 2018
Antoine Petit praised the excellence of research at ESPCI and the ability to transfer science into bold startups.

Antoine Petit, Director of CNRS, took advantage of his day at ESPCI Paris to visits startups, including Kapsera. CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) is the French national research structure.

Antoine Petit was quite impressed by the demonstration of capsules production. Antoine Drevelle, Édouard Duliège and Jérôme Bibette then explained how and why capsules are well-suited to provide innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Antoine Petit, Director of CNRS, is being presented Kapsera’s technology and mission by founders Jérôme Bibette, Antoine Drevelle and Édouard Duliège (right to left)